Learn how to keep a
WordPress theme accessible.

The “Accessibility Ready” tag means that themes have been reviewed and tested by the WordPress Accessibility Team. It starts out accessible. Learn how to keep it accessible when you add content, styles, and plugins.

First, find an “accessibility ready” theme

In the backend select “Appearance”. A submenu will open up. Choose “Themes”.

backend: "appearance" with sub menu item "Themes" selected

“Add new theme”

Themes, with "add new" button

Use the feature filter

Feature Filter in the "featured, popular, latest, favourites" menu

Select “accessibility ready”

Feature filter is open, the "accessibility ready" checkbox is ticked

Accessibility ready themes are displayed

feature filter results for accessibilty ready themes

Search WordPress.com for “accessibility ready themes

accessibility ready themes available on the WordPress site

This lets you filter for All, Free, or Premium themes

feature:accessibility ready. select All, Free, Premium

and keep it accessible